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New Testament Matthew, Mark, and Luke and John Tell what Christ did in every place.... Acts' shows what the Apostles did. And Romans, How 'We're Saved By Grace'. Corinthians instructs the church; Galatians shows us Faith Alone. Ephesians True Love, and in Philippians God's Grace is shown. Colossians tells us more of Christ. And Thessalonians of the End. In Timothy and Titus both, are Rules for Pastors to attend. Philemon Christian Friendship shows; Then Hebrews clearly tells how all the Jewish Law prefigured Christ; These Epistles are by Paul: James shows that faith by works must live, and Peter urges steadfastness. While, John exhorts to Christian Love, For Those who have it God will bless. Jude shows the end of evil men and Revelation tells of Heaven. This ends the whole of the New Testament. And all the books are twenty-seven. Author/From Church Bulletin/ unknown/l972/G. Glittre/

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