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Name Daniel F. Hilaire And I'm 15 years old And I Was Born In Haiti, Central America And Living With My Mom And Dad And Couple Years Later My Little Brother Was Born , My Parents Were Saved And My Mom Kept Going And Back And Forth To Florida And So Is My Dad And Couple Years Later I Moved To Fort Laudedale, Fl And A year Or So I Moved To Winter Haven With My Uncle And Aunt And Two Lil Cousins Because I Liked The Place And My Mom Asked Me If I Wanted To Move Down But The Holy Spirit Was Working With Me The Whole Time And My Mom Knows That Miami, Ft Lauderdale, Fl Isnt A Good Place To Raise A Kid, And I Was Separate From My Mom And Dad And Lil Brother And Couple Months After, Redemption Baptist Was Soul Winnin In Our Area And Knock On Our Doors And We Promised To Go Next Sunday But Didn't But Im Glad That This Didn't Stop Them And Next Week They Came Knock On Our Doors Again And Next Sunday The Church Bus Came And Pick Up Me And My Lil Cousins And The Following Sunday Night The Preacher Was Talkin About "Ye Must Be Born Again."(John 3 ) But I Didn't Know What He Meant But I've Heard Preaching About Hell ALl My Life And Heard Preachin About Heaven And God All My Life i Never Knew God As My Saviour Personnal But Then I Realized That Praying Prayers At Night Wont Get You To Heaven And Being Good Wont Get You There And I Ask Mrs Donna About The Whole Born Again Thing And She Taught Me That The Bible Says, "Verily, Verily I Say Unto Thee, Except A Man Be Born Of Water And Spirit , He Cannot Enter The Kingdom Of God And That Which Is Of The Flesh Is Flesh And That WHich Is Born Of Spirit Is Spirit And Marvel Not That I say Ye Must Be Born Again."(John 3:6- 8kjv), Then I Realized That When You're Saved From Hell, You Have Been Born Again But This Time You're Spirit Have Been Born In The Family Of God Because He Bought You With The Price Of Jesus' Blood Which Is His Only Begotten Son And I ASk God To Forgive Me And Saved Me And He Did, September 2007, "That If Thou Shalt Confess Thy Mouth The Lord Jesus And Shalt Believe In Thine Heart That God Hath Raised Him From The Dead Thou Shalt Be Saved."(romans 10: 9kjv) God Sent His Only Begotten Son Willingly To Die On The Cross For Our sins, I Couldnt Believe That It Was That Easy And That God Loved Me That Much Even Everything I've Done And I Can Still Repent And So Is For Everyone Else But I Did Believe The scriptures And I Began To Learn And To Wonder That It's Not A Joke Nor A Fairy Tale But It's Life As We Live It Today And It's All True And Mrs Pam Started Teaching Me That By The Grace Of God That I Was Saveed And Different Stuff A Christian Should Willingly Do So That We Could Have An Abundant Life And Pleasing To God And I've Been Living For God Since Then In Redemption Baptist Church And Everybody There Have Been A Blessing To Me And Especially Mrs Pam For Taking Me To Church When I Didn't Have A Ride And Caring Enough To Knock On My Door, I've Seen God Changes Lives And It's Just A miracle How God Works, I Want To Be Different And I Want To Do Something I've Never Done Before So I Could Be Someone I've Never Been Before, I've Learn Not To Care About What People Thinks, God Saith: "Peace I Leaveth With You, My Peace I Give Unto You: Not As The World Giveth, Give It I Unto You,  Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled Neither Let It Be Afraid."(john 14: 27kjv), What You Do In This World Thats What Gon Last For Eternity So Dont Be Stupid, Jesus Loves You.........(John 3:16 kjv)


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