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If you're like me, you don't want to live the kind of life where you are barely hanging on. You don't want to merely eke out an existence, find a way to cope with your misery, or just get by. You want to have the abundant life Jesus spoke of when he said, "I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly"(John10:10).

  We don't want to be women who hear the truth but seldom act in faith to appropriate it for our lives.We don't want to be forever grappling with doubt, fear, insecurity, and uncertainty. We want to live life on purpose and with purpose. We find it boring to live like a baby, feeding only on milk. We want the solid food of God's truth so we can grow into a life that is exciting and productive.

  None of us enjoys going around in circles, always passing through the same territory and coming back to the same problems, same frustrations, same mistakes, and same limitations. We don't want to become calloused, hard-hearted, bitter, unforgiving, anxious, impatient, hopeless, or unteachable. we don't want to end up with a negative attitude that says, "My situation will never  be any different because it hasn't been any different for a long time." We want to break out of any self- defeating cycle of repeated patterns and habits and be able to transcend ourselves, our limitations, and our circumstances. we want to be more than just a survivor.

  We want to be an over-comer. We want to be a part of something greater than ourselves. We want to be connected to what God is doing on earth in a way that bears fruit for His kingdom. We  want to have a sense of purpose in our lives. We want to abound in God's love and blessings. We want it all. All God has for us. But we can never achieve that quality of life outside the power of God. And then only as we pray believing.The power is within you if you are a born again christian, how much of God's power do you really want? How far are you willing to go with God? Help us Lord to see this great truth!!!  


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